Pharmacovigilance Europe Congress 2020 | Annual International Conference and Exhibition in Drug Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Risk Management and Clinical Tests

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Raj More

RxLogix Corporation
CEO and Chief Architect

Raj started his career in PV about 18 years ago at Relsys, the company that developed Argus Safety suite, and was one of the key persons in building the company there. He is one of the world’s foremost expert of Argus Safety suite. He started in QA at Relsys, grew through the ranks and was VP of Services & Strategy at the time of Oracle acquisition of Relsys.

At Relsys, he was involved with most of major implementations of Argus. He led Argus projects for more than 50 companies including Pfizer, Amgen, Quintiles, Astellas, Schering, Chugai, Genentech, Actelion, CVT and several smaller biotech companies. After Oracle acquisition of Relsys, he was Senior Director in Safety consulting at Oracle.  

Currently, he is heading RxLogix Corporation; a 6-year old, 100+ person company specialized in developing and implementingSafety Solutions globally.   Several very large to smaller Pharmaceutical companies in the US, EU and Japan have chosen RxLogix to implement or upgrade or manage Argus Safety Suite, which is RxLogix’ core expertise. In addition to services, RxLogix also offers very high value software products for PV that have been chosen by several very large pharmaceutical companies for global use.

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